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Sounds Like a plan ?

"Hum apne iradon ko mehdood nahin karte, Us raah par kya chalna jis raah par manzil ho" To translate it with the obvious loss in translation - " I do not constrain my plans - Why walk on a path that leads to a destination" An uncle of mine was quizzing me on what my plans for the future are and I could only manage a non commital - "I am not sure, maybe I will do this or maybe that". On this he quoted this beautiful sher (Urdu Couplet), and thereby made answering such questions a lot easier. Here it would not be amiss to explain that I am no kid just getting out of college ( though in these days I notice thats the kids getting out of college often have pretty concrete plans) . I am approaching 30 and have been married for four years, an age at which most people are at least in the initial stages of the execution of their plan for life; and I don't have one. And what is perhaps more important is- I don't want to have one. In many late night discuss

The Act Of Blogging

Like a good school boy writing an essay I shall begin this blog with an introduction - commenting on the act of blogging itself. I like writing. I have been writing ever since I learnt to write (what a coincidence!). So blogging is not something entirely new that I am trying. But, there is a non-trivial difference. This can and will(I hope) be read by other people. This warrants a change of style- primarily in the degree of modesty. The face that I show to myself is not really modest though I don't really like that too much as it can keep one from learning from others. Anyway I don't like to me immodest in public and since this blog is public I shall attempt to be modest. If someone takes a sufficient interest in my blog I would appreciate comments where the immodesty shows itself. Somerset Maugham once remarked that one looks at one's older writing with a contemptuous amusement. I couldn't agree more. Sometimes when I look at what I had written a couple of years ago