Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Act Of Blogging

Like a good school boy writing an essay I shall begin this blog with an introduction - commenting on the act of blogging itself.
I like writing. I have been writing ever since I learnt to write (what a coincidence!). So blogging is not something entirely new that I am trying. But, there is a non-trivial difference. This can and will(I hope) be read by other people. This warrants a change of style- primarily in the degree of modesty. The face that I show to myself is not really modest though I don't really like that too much as it can keep one from learning from others. Anyway I don't like to me immodest in public and since this blog is public I shall attempt to be modest. If someone takes a sufficient interest in my blog I would appreciate comments where the immodesty shows itself.
Somerset Maugham once remarked that one looks at one's older writing with a contemptuous amusement. I couldn't agree more. Sometimes when I look at what I had written a couple of years ago I feel I am reading a rather immature individual's outpourings and I am slightly ashamed for having written thus. Were I not accustomed to this scheme of things- multiple such "contemptuous amusement" events may have compelled me to give up writing altogether. Now I like reading my previous writings and the contempt and the amusement is part of the package that makes it enjoyable. I expect my readers to get their quota of contempt and amusement from these writings- more of the latter, I should hope.

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